Friday, October 27, 2017


    Sandra St. John: An Appreciation

Photo courtesy of Sandra St. John

Sandra. St. John grew up in a big old house in Topeka, Kansas, in a quintessential matriarchal atmosphere, with her grandmother, her mother, her aunt, one sister, two female cousins, and one brother, who somehow managed to remain heterosexual.  Six women under the influence of one great dominant matriarch, Grandma Tillinghurst, who introduced her brood to the world of culture and what people used to call "the finer things."  Topeka was not New York, of course, but it was on "the culture circuit," and Sandy made the most of it, singing and dancing her way to the "Miss Kansas" title, along with her ebullient rabbit creation, Jack Bunny.  Later, on the cruise line entertainment circuit she met Dallas News Staff Writer Bob St. John and married him in 1998.   Mt. Vernon has been fortunate to have them reside for many years at the Lake, as well as the Greek Isle of Paros, which they also called home.  Sandy is an accomplished painter, singer, dancer, poet and comedienne, who gives generously of her talents.  Since Bob's untimely passing last year, we've been so fortunate to have her stay here.  Welcome back to Center Stage, Sandy, and thanks for all those wonderful memories, with more yet to come!

---Tom Wilkinson

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