Friday, July 7, 2017



Photo & Artist Statement courtesy of Judy Wilder Dalton

Artist Statement
Finding Art in Life and Life in Art

I  attempt to express the subject or design in the use of color, form, line and texture in a simple yet powerful statement. I believe there is a strong human response to color and it reflects and affects our moods.  My intention is to keep the elements universal and invite the viewer to experience it on an emotional level as well as visually.  The elements of  form, line, color and texture are my focus, whether the subject is a still life, landscape or figure. I love the delicacy, vigor and beauty in them apart from the subject.
I love the use of color and line by the impressionist and I love seeing the "evidence" of the artists process by seeing  brush strokes, lines of drawing still visible in a finished work. 
I find that art is a part of how we live.
I hope that my art reflects how I see life....with great appreciation and gratitude!"  

Judy Wilder Dalton
Contemporary Fine Artist