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JOIN Fellowship of the Brush TOMORROW (Thursday, June 2 @ 6pm), at the Cultural Arts Center, 100 Rusk St., Mt. Vernon. COME JOIN THE FUN!

Friday, June 3, 2016



The Franklin County Arts Alliance is a very interesting creative group looking for members and volunteers.  Being an artist is not a requirement!  Read these news tidbits and be surprised.


Photo courtesy of Susan Reeves.

Meet our MVISD scholarship recipient.  Jacob West is ranked 30th and has a grade point average of 3.61.  He is a Mighty Tiger Marching and Jazz band musician; an actor in the One Act Play and a member of the National Honor Society.  He plans to attend Stephen F. Austin State University and major in media broadcast with a focus on radio and sound entertainment/talk and a minor in theatre.  He wants to voice act in animated pictures.

  NOTE: Jenny Dennis has resigned from the board but as scholarship chair, she began the process of discovering a worthy high school senior.  Because of a shortage of funds, the board decided to bypass giving a scholarship this year, but when Sherri Keys called to tell us we had five applicants, a quick decision was made to at least give $500.  Thank you Carolyn Galloway for stepping in as Scholarship Chair; the scholarship committee members were Charlotte Chaney, Carolyn Galloway and Cindy Kent.  Ceca Patrick represented FCAA and gave Jacob the scholarship at the banquet.  He is a well-deserving senior and FCAA wishes Jacob West a creative life.


Painting/Photo courtesy of Efton Edwards.

CHARLOTTE CHANEY at the Frame Up is working with Shannon Ostertag, who will be opening a coffee shop in the old Watermelon Mills Barbershop building this September.  The Frame-Up will host a wall of changing art in the business and the FCAA artists will have a chance to be chosen as an artist of the month by applying for that honor.  The art needs to be at least 11X14 and ready to hang.  A tag will designate the artist to be honored.  We would like to schedule the artists ahead of time, so if you are interested please call Christian.


JACK & BETSY COOK have done some fantastic work in the outside landscape recently Let’s remember to thank them both for all the work they do.


PAUL FLETCHER recently took time to climb a ladder and replace some burnt out bulbs at the Cultural Arts Center.  JOHN TUDOR donated his time for the Yard Sale we had and has helped Jack and Betsy.  A donation has been made to FCAA in both Paul and John’s honor.  The FCAA is non-profit and does accept donations and memorials. 


 KIETRA STOKER is helping with Children’s Art Programming this summer.  Her expertise is in graphic art and she is also helping us with posters for the September Film Festival, DRIVEN. Watch for the film class by Brad Maule July 9th.

Flyer courtesy of Ron Barker & Kietra Stoker.


THANK YOU to all the folks who use our facility, non-profits donate a $50 utility fee and we have had some delightful programming.  If you missed the Flock of Sparrows book launch and signing, you missed an adventure in the courtyard.

Photo courtesy of Gail Reed.


Flyer courtesy of Michele Chitsey.

REGULAR ACTIVITY AT THE CAC includes Efton Edwards Art Classes; Fellowship With a Brush; LAMADE, NETWO (writer’s meeting) and FCAA Board meeting.


Tina Stone has been helping with grant applications and she was the mastermind behind this Spring’s 
Butterfly Coloring Contest. Do you have an idea for a Grant application, or would you like to help us increase our revenues.  We recently had a chance to compete for the 2017 HOT tax grants.  We missed out this year, but hopefully we will be considered next year.  Tax dollars are getting harder to come by, so all the non-profits in town need your consideration.  WE THANK OUR SUPPORTERS, without YOU we could not function. First National in Mt. Vernon and Luminant in Mt. Pleasant are honored 2016 FCAA corporate members.

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JOIN Fellowship of the Brush TOMORROW (Thursday, June 2@ 6pm), at the Cultural Arts Center, 100 Rusk St., Mt. Vernon. COME JOIN THE FUN!