Friday, March 21, 2014


Joe Kuhl, a coordinator of the First Baptist Church’s Men’s Ministry in Mt. Vernon, is devoted to a multi-denominational group called Men of Courage.  The group is open to men in the area and encourages Christ-oriented growth.  In 2009, Joe started a website ( and continues to blog in his daily devotionals. “It has been a work in progress for many, many years.  I take one scripture and write, almost like a journal entry, what that word means to me.  It boggles my mind to know people from South Africa, Ireland and other countries read the blog.  I even sent a man in South America information about starting a Man Church there.”  Fifty-two of Joe’s favorite and randomly picked entries have made it into his new book titled,thoughts for your day … Joe’s far-reaching ministry comes out of Mt. Vernon where he and his wife Trish raised their daughter Maria and where his grandparents once lived in the Hopewell area.

Ron and Caryl McAdoo are well-known for their critiquing skills honed during their years with the DFW Writer’s Workshop.  They presently live in the Clarksville area on a farm with plenty of space to nurture four grandsons.  All totaled they have 14 “grandsugars.”  They are established fiction and non-fiction authors and published in a number of genres.  Caryl is currently involved in promoting her latest book, Vow Unbroken.  The historical Christian romance recently received a favorable review in Publishers Weekly and will undoubtedly be followed by others in that genre.  An excellent speaker, Caryl “Grami” McAdoo is delighted to be joining area friends in celebrating the new book. 

Paul Paris Jr., formerly of Mt. Vernon, is well-known in the area for his community work and as an employee of First National Bank.  Now, he has dedicated himself fully to writing.  In 1989, he won a USAF Strategic Air Command writing competition.  He worked as a stringer for the Longview News Journal, wrote his autobiography and lately completed Amazing Faith, A Walk with Cancer.  The book is about the story and faith behind his first wife’s battle with cancer.  It is also a story of the strong faith that made the ordeal easier to bear.  A Dallas native, Paul spends time in east Texas and the Oregon Coast.  He has two children and two granddaughters who live in Dallas.  He will be reviewing his book and welcomes the opportunity to visit with his many local friends.  Paul is presently working on a children’s series concerning the early craft of barnstorming.  Paul is a retired Air Force pilot.

Paul will be joining Caryl McAdoo and Joe Kuhl at the Cultural Arts Center(CAC) in Mt. Vernon on Saturday, March 29th.  All friends and interested parties are invited to come at 10a.m. to hear the book reviews given by the authors and are welcome to stay for a brown-bag lunch and fellowship.  There is no fee to attend, but donations will be accepted to defray the cost of the Green Eggs & Ham lunch.  This is a Franklin County Arts Alliance  event in partnership with the Northeast Texas Writer’s Organization. The CAC is located on 100 Rusk St. one block west of the square.

Friday, March 14, 2014


We would like to give many thanks. Thank you Michael Alford for these wonderful photos! Thank you In-Focus Photography Club for a fantastic exhibit! Thank you Lake Country Roasters for the amazing coffee! Thank you, to all our performers, including the Cleveland family and Marzelle Robertson! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this possible!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Photography Exhibit Opens with Coffeehouse Open-Mic event Saturday March 8, at FCAA Cultural Arts Center

The Franklin County Arts Alliance is sponsoring a combination Exhibit
Opening and Coffee House themed Open-Mic night Saturday, March 8,
beginning at 6 p.m.  Several members of the In-Focus Photography Club of
Winnsboro are exhibiting their work in the main room of the Cultural Arts
building.  Exhibitors include:  Michael Alford, Jim Dyson, Eluria Holland,
Bonnie Moore, Joan Morris and Bob Williams.  In-Focus is a teaching,
learning group that meets the last Monday of every month in Winnsboro and
welcomes new members and guests whether they are interested in family
snapshots or professional photography.  Call Jim Dyson 903.365.2450 for
more info on the group.

 Photos taken by MVISD senior student Kristen Decker will also be on
display in the Jack Cook Hall in anticipation of April Arts Student
Exhibits.  Local artist, Tyler Roberts, has sketched Mozart, Bach and
Beethoven all with coffee cup in hand.  His art will be displayed near
the Lake Country Roasters coffee table.  These three composers were
coffeehouse enthusiasts. Bach is responsible for his famous “Coffee
Cantate” in which Lieschen broadcasts that “no wooer shall come into my
house until he has promised that when he goes to marry me I will be
permitted to cook my coffee as I will.”  Beethoven recommended the
perfect cup of coffee be made using 60 coffee beans per cup.  Captain
John Smith was probably the first person to bring coffee into the United

Jim Cleveland will be the MC for the Open-Mic event starting at 6:30 p.m.
Anyone wishing to perform can sign up at the door.  Both amateurs and
professionals are encouraged to showcase talents from poetry reading to
musical scores. During the coffeehouse themed evening  the Lake Country
Roasters will have various flavors of coffee available and the FCAA will
provide desserts.  Donations will be taken for the coffee and desserts and
will go to fund FCAA projects and facility expense.  There is no other
charge for this event and FCAA directors are hoping the community will
turn out to welcome the Winnsboro photographers and enjoy the night
listening to local talent.

The coffeehouse is back.  Come check it out Saturday evening at the
Cultural Arts Center at 100 Rusk Street one block west of the square.
Activity begins at 6 p.m.  Call 903-305-8023 for more information or email

Other FCAA activities in March include the March 29th “Novel Idea.” Three
local authors will give book reviews on recent releases and eat lunch with
participants.  In April, local school welding classes will exhibit
projects for the FCAA “April Arts” Event and Audrey Norman’s High School
Art Class students will exhibit in the Jack Cook Hall.  Cary Gable’s MVISD
Senior High School students will also have an evening devoted to poetry
reading in April.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


As most of you know, local artist and FCAA member, Efton Edwards has offered to teach classes at the Cultural Arts Cente, 100 Rusk St., Mt. Vernon, TX. Those classes will be held on Tuesdays beginning, March 18th. There will be a morning session beginning at 9am and an afternoon session, as well. The fee is $80 for a 4 lessons ($20 a week for 4 weeks). As soon as we have the roster for the classes, we will send out a copy of the materials list so students can gather the materials in preparation for classes.

Efton says, " It would be great to have 3 to 4 per class but no more at one session. I like to give each person as much personal attention as possible especially after I go over the theory part of the class which takes 30 min. to an hour. I don't have a time limit on the class so as long as there is room for everyone they can stay all day, (just so long as I get home before midnight). I teach in oil, acrylic and watercolor. I teach composition, color theory, application and materials."

Please email us at to let us know if you are interested and which session you would like to attend (morning or afternoon).